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An Inclusive Artist that Paints to Help! As an international arts destination, Mexico City exerts an unquestionable recognition to the artist and Academy of the Special Dreams founder Michael Dergar with a Humanitarian Award by Hayek International.  “It is easy to be captivated by CDMX” says Michael Dergar, “his culture, architectural beauty, and with almost 180 museums and close to 50 galleries is a perfect place to bring our mission of inclusion and public awareness to the special needs community in the arts. I feel honored and humbled to receive this wonderful recognition.  A Humanitarian Award in Mexico City!  I specially thank Jessica Hayek and Hayek International Board of Directors for giving me this honor.    

There is a long journey to make a more inclusive society.  Together,  we can continue making a difference by bringing public awareness, recognition and appreciation to our community with disabilities in the arts!  Thank you all who believe in my mission of inclusion and for your support!