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Visual Artist

I PAINT to Help!…I PAIN to Help.

Pasadena, California


Michael Dergar is a visual artist living in Pasadena, California. His life mission is to bring public awareness to those with special needs in an effort to create a better and more inclusive society and the world in which we all live.

Suffering from a neurological condition as a child while growing up in his native Mexico, Michael experienced early on in life that people with disabilities on a daily basis faced mobility hurdles that “normal” people take for granted such as crossing the street or climbing down stairs. As a disabled person, he was frequently teased and purposely excluded from participating in outdoor activities by neighborhood children. Fortunately for him, with the help of his family and his own self-determination, Michael overcame his neurological condition and began to walk again without pain in his legs.

This difficult period of his life shaped Michael’s view of the world. Life was a struggle financially for his family but this lack of resources served to make him realize that he had to work especially hard to achieve his DREAMS, regardless of his disability, and to never lose hope that he could build his own future.


As CEO/founder of the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation, Michael constantly seeks ways to encourage, support and promote the artistic talents of people with disabilities, to instill pride in these artists that their artwork can be seen and appreciated by our entire society, and to instill the hope that everyone regardless of disabilities can make a better future for themselves.

Michael supports artists in the special needs community because he truly believes that someday no one will ever feel discriminated against because of their disabilities in any aspect of life.


Michael’s “PERVAZ” collection of art represents the freedom and equality of his inner soul, of creation and of the universe. Michael’s use of color and texture in his painting are representations of physical objects and the relation of life and inner feelings.

You can find Michael Dergar supporting artists in the special needs community or perhaps creating art for very exclusive venues and collectors. His work can be found in private collections internationally.