Interview with Michael Dergar debuts Chidren’s e-Book

//Interview with Michael Dergar debuts Chidren’s e-Book

Interview with Michael Dergar debuts Chidren’s e-Book

Michael Dergar, Founder and CEO of the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation, has debuted his first children’s e-book collection.

The new e-book is titled ’A World of Inclusion’. Featuring real life examples of young people dealing with disabilities, A World of Inclusion features thirteen separate illustrated short stories of children and adults living with disabilities who participate in their own special way in many aspects of everyday life with family and friends.

Through vignettes such as ’Walk with Me’ where Miguel must walk slowly and carefully yet he still can go everywhere. And ’Sports and Arts’ in which Tom uses the front wheels of his wheelchair to produce dozens of pieces of art and who also believes that sports are a great addition to his art. In ’ My Quinceñera’ , we learn about Alejandra for whom nothing will stop her from fulfilling her dream of dancing with her family, even though she’s in a wheelchair.

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